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Rini is a Swedish company with innovative research and development and have since mid 1990 been a quality supplier of ergonomic products and solutions to medical professionals. It has its own sales and support organization in Sweden and work mainly with appointed distributors on its export markets.


Rini offers ergonomic products and solutions uniquely tailored to different treatment areas. Giving doctors and associated personnel a maximum comfortable and productive work environment.

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Rinis operating table RiEye can be used stationary in the operating theatre as well as in mobile “roll-in roll-out” procedures and has a number of useful accessories. The design of the table allows great freedom of movement for the surgeon and assisting personnel, particularly in the vicinity of the patient’s head. This makes the table perfect for eye surgery, but it can also be used for ear-nose-neck and dental surgery. The ergonomic design is very stable which ensure that patients feel secure and comfortable.



  • High quality operating table for optimum work environment and patient safety in microsurgery
  • Developed in close collaborations with leading clinics that have strong request on simplicity in use and ergonomics
  • Include smart innovations and improvements that have resulted in unique performance in many areas
  • Several areas of use with focus on surgical procedures around the patients head



  • Unique availability for surgeon and assisting personnel
  • Perfect for both stationary and “2roll-in roll-out” operations
  • Secure and high patient comfort
  • Many accessories

Rinis operators chairs in the series “Carl” are ergonomically designed and are highly adjustable for back, seating and arms. The chairs are also easy to raise and lower with the feet, which all together gives the surgeon a tailor-made workplace of high quality. The operating chairs have been customised for microsurgery and were developed in co-operation with surgeons in Sweden and abroad to achieve the best and highest possible functionality.

Operator chair – Carl Mk2

  • A uniquely designed frame with three wheels, giving room for the operator's feet and equipment pedals
  • Ergonomic comfort for the surgeon through an intuitive setup and with either "Easy" armrest (R5), the patented safety armrest "Rilis" (R6), "OneGrip" armrest (R7) or "FlexiDoc" armrest (R8)
  • Convenient to move thanks to easy-rolling wheels and a stable parking position by an electric central brake
  • Easy to clean with smooth surfaces and encapsulated details

Operator chair – Carl Mk1

  • High ergonomic comfort for the surgeon
  • Highly adjustable and easily operated
  • Equipped with Rinis unique safety arm rests “Rilis”
  • Stable design ensures a safe workplace

The instrument table called “Anna” are of highest quality and are available in several standard designs but can also be custom made. The table tops are sound absorbing and are provided with drip pan. The wheelbase is manufactured in stainless steel for easy cleaning.
All of Rinis instrument tables fulfil the highly set demands in challenging operating theatres.

Rini offers a large selection of operator- and assistant chairs. All are carefully designed to offer the best possible ergonomics and work efficency for surgeons and assisting personell. The chairs are popular in many different treatment areas

Special chairs for Surgeons and Assistants

  • Wide range of chairs for operation and examination rooms
  • Unique possibilities to customize chairs for optimal function and ergonomic
  • All chairs can be equipped with Rinis safety armrest ”Rilis”
  • Quality chairs for a safe workplace

Rinis ergonomic surgeons and assistant chairs correspond to the high demands put by professionals in operation and examination room environment.
Chairs for operation have as standard foot controlled height adjustment and can be tailor-made when it comes to types of wheels, height of gas spring, different armrests, etc.
The chairs can be ordered in different colours and material, such as leather, leatherette or PVC fabric.

Saddle chairs for Surgeons and Assistants

  • Wide range of saddle chairs to match individual needs
  • Foot adjustment for operating environments
  • All chairs can be equipped with Rinis unique safety armrest “Rilis”
  • Stable design providing a safe workplace

More and more chooses saddle chairs to avoid back and shoulder related problems. Our wide range of saddle chairs guarantees that you find the one that suite you best. By using the saddle chairs correctly, a balanced correct seating is achieved thanks to the shape of the seat and an open hip angle. The chairs are available in different colours and material; leather, leatherette, PVC fabric and fabric.

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